How to Do Wazifa? The Islamic Way of Doing Wazifa

How To Do Wazifa? (Wazifa kesay kiya jaye)

This is the most common question among people who want to start doing wazifas and wazaifs for their different wishes and problems.  Are there any restrictions/precautions for doing wazifa? Are there different types of wazifas like jalali or jamali? In this post, we will try to answer all the questions concerning the practice of doing wazifas.

Purity of Heart and Intention:

Your intention for doing the wazifa should be pure and legal. For wazifas to work, you need to focus on your inner self and your intention should be for constructive results rather than destructive. Doing astaghfar constantly cleanse our soul and heart.  Without doing this, it becomes impossible to achieve the results through any wazifa.

Keep Clean and Sinless:

Cleanliness makes half of our emaan (faith) and rightly so. It is important to keep yourself clean both physically and spiritually. Avoid watching movies, series, staring at women or men with wrong intentions. The less you sins you are into, the more chances of doing wazifas successfully become.  Though, human beings are fallible and vulnerable to sins, but through practice we can minimize it. People involved in major sins such as zina (adultery), alcoholism and criminal activities will never get their wazifas doing wonders for them. As mentioned earlier, doing astaghfar on constant basis will help us keep clean both spiritually and physically.

Doing Wazifas for Legal/Islamic Needs Only:

Keep in mind that wazifas should only done for legit purposes that do not violate any Islamic law or teaching. Doing wazifas to harm somebody or take advantage will not work and in most of the cases backfire on the doer of wazifas.
Direct your focus On Allah:

While doing wazifa, our only focus should be on the attributes of Allah and we should only seek help of Allah (SWT). Any wazaifs that involve supplications to any other entity than Allah will not work. It will be of more harm than benefit. Since Allah does not like any association with Him. Imagine that Allah is with watching you and helping you while doing wazifa.

Avoid Shirkiya Wazaif:

There are numerous wazaif books and articles that preach the use of non-Godly powers such that of asking Jinns or moakils for help. This is an utter nonsense and will only lead us astray. No jinn or moakil can assist. It is Allah who rules the world in a real-time manner. At all costs, avoid such wazaifs for the repercussions and harm will be bigger than you can imagine at the moment.

The Myth of Jalali/Jamali Wazaifs:

Many people ask if there are different types of wazaifs as various people have spread this myth so profoundly that we take it to be true. Remember, there is no Jalali/jamali wazaifs. It’s your intention that does the work. While doing wazifa, there is an intention-charged energy and it should always be done for positive/constructive ends. Whether jalali or jamali moakils exist or not should never be your concern.  Allah knows best.

Meditate In a Peaceful Room:

While doing wazifas/wazaifs it is important that you are sitting or lying a peaceful room. Noise will disturb to concentrate your thought and energy and in turn it will weaken the effect of your wazaif.  

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