Is Doing Wazifa Allowed in Islam?

Is Doing Wazifa Allowed In Islam?
Assalam-0-Alikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Many people ask whether it is allowed to do wazifas in Islam or prohibited. This is the common question that springs to mind when one gets know the wazifas being suggested for different problems and situations. Before answering the question in detail, we first need to know what waziaf, wazifas mean and its modus operandi.

Wazifa Meaning:

In Urdu dictionary, wazifa means salary or remuneration while the term we are discussing in this post refers to the spiritual practice of meditation and having your wishes granted by the Almighty Allah . Wazifa is way of repeating certain ayats, kalimas, or words when in need of something beyond our control.


Islamic Ruling:
There is no existence of wazifas if go by Quran and Hadith strictly. The practice of doing this meditation using Islamic and Quranic words began long after the advent of Islam. In the time of our beloved Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), these practices did not exist. However, going by simple Islamic rule, wazifa can be done if it doesn’t transgress the core commandments of Allah and Quranic, Islamic values.

Why People Resort To Doing Wazifas?

As human beings, we often face different problems and tough situations in life and at the same time we have some wishes unfulfilled. In order solve the pressing problems and having the wishes come true, people take refuge in doing wazaifs and wazifas. The result is: either they succeed or leave the practice.

When Doing Wazifa is Allowed:

Doing wazaifs is perfectly halal and legitimate if there is no transgression of Allah’s deen and Muhammad(SAW)’s  sayings. As Muslims, we cannot go to seek help of any entity/person who has either violated the commandments of Allah as set out in Quran or does not believe Islam as the true religion.  Trying to get your legit wish fulfilled or solving daily life problems does not make it haram. For example, doing wazifa for marriage is perfectly legal and halal and can be done but doing wazifa for having a girlfriend is not.

When Doing Wazifa is not Allowed?

Doing wazifas and wazaifs that violate the set boundaries of  Islam are absolutely disallowed and cannot be encouraged. For example, any wazifa that has an element of Shirk(polytheism) is strictly forbidden. In common terms, shirk can be defined as associating partners with Allah or His attributes. Wazaifs in which one seeks help of any entity other than Allah are not allowed. Strict adherence to Tauheed is required. While doing wazifas, we repeat certain words with belief that our desired outcome will follow.

Final Word on Doing Wazifa:
People should take extra caution when starting any wazifa for major two things: First, it is the purity of intention. Secondly, leaving faith and trust in Allah for He is the Only solver of our problems. The wazifas that teach you how to get moakils/jinns to assist should be rejected. Doing wazifas with pure heart and asking for only Allah’s help is not illegal or unislamic in any way and should be practiced.

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