Is Doing Wazifa Haram In Islam?

Is Doing Wazifa Haram In Islam?
Assalam-0-Alikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Many people are confused whether it is haram to do wazifas in Islam? And whether there is any authentic permission for doing so?  First of all, it is important to understand that doing wazaifs and wazifas was not a common practice in the time of our beloved Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) hence there is no direct ruling on this. Wazifa is a form of meditation in which certain zik’r is done when in need. In other way, it is a form of dua and prayer that we do to solve our life problems or have our wishes fulfilled.


When Doing Wazifa is Not Haram?

Doing wazifa for your legit problems and wishes is absolutely halal and there is no harm in doing that. It is halal to do wazaif that involve supplications to Allah (SWT), His refuge and help. For example, jobless people doing wazifa to get halal rizq does not make it haram or wife trying to conceive a child. Since all these wishes and problems are not unislamic therefore in this context doing wazifa is not haram and can be done.  People who use certain Quranic verses, duas and zikr as prescribed in Islam are fine with it. They are not doing something haram. 

When Doing Wazifa is Haram?

Doing anything that violates any Islamic teaching, Allah’s and Prophet’s teachings makes it haram without any doubt. For example, there are various people who use shirkiya (polytheistic) chants or ask help other than Allah. This type of activity has no place in Islam and strictly forbidden.  Asking anybody for help other than Allah while doing wazaif automatically qualifies it as Shirk thus Haram.  Using cult-like rituals such as sacrifice of goats/animals done falls under the category of black magic wazaifs and they are forbidden in Islam.  Also, always keep in mind that it is Allah who accept our prayers and wazaifs and grant us that we have been asking for. Making any particular wazifa your absolute belief and relying on it as if this wazifa solves your problems, not Allah is also haram.

It is recommended that you keep away from haram wazaifs for this Dunya and Akhirah. The haram/shirkiya wazaifs have been known to be more harmful than of benefit to Muslims. Do only such wazifas that do not violate the Islamic teachings and Allah’s commandments. Being a Muslim, it is our responsibility to embrace only what that is halal and shun haram at all costs.

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