Wazifa and dua for long eyelashes

Are you looking to get long eyelashes using Islamic treatment and a powerful wazifa-dua from Quran? Here is the best remedy and the tool to give you long eyelashes by the will Allah (Inshallah). This wazifa is easy to practise as you don't have to worry about long recitations.

How to do the wazifa-dua:

1) Recite Durood e Ibrahimi three times
2) Recite this below-mentioned verse from Quran 200 times while keeping your desire (of long eyelashes) in your mind

3) Recite Durood e Ibrahimi (Durud Sharif) three times once again
4) Do this wazifa after Fajr and Asr salah
5) Carry on this wazifa for 21 days straight

This wazifa will work wonders for you follow the instructions and guidelines without taking any day off during the entire 21-day process. If you are not satisfied and want to further raise your chances of getting your desire fulfilled by Allah, do another session.

For satisfactory results:

1) Have complete faith and trust in Allah's ability to give you long and big eyelashes as Allah has control over everything and nothing is beyond Him (It is our limiting belief and lack of interest in our desire that often causes us not to get what we want).
2) Be patient and avoid creating doubts about Allah's ability and mercy on you.
3) Start giving thanks to Allah for blessings. Give thanks to Allah for eyes, eyelashes (no matter how small they are right now), your ability to see, your entire existence and health. 

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