Black Magic, Sihr, Symptoms and Effects

Black magic, Sihr is a negative use of evil and dark/satanic forces to achieve ones selfish and often destructive aims and motives.  In different cultures and societies, black magic may have different names, covers and traditions but the fact remains that black magic is real and it does leave its negative impact on the victim’s and patient’s health, business, and relationships. The effects are multi-dimensional and more specifically depend on the motives of the black magician who cast the spell. A thorough research and interviews with the real life victims of black magic suggest that it is widespread across all societies and the chief motif behind it is jealousy and greed. Black magic can even kill the person slowly if it goes untreated for a long period of time. So how do we know that somebody is suffering from black magic? The black magic (sihr) effects are multiple and one can seek spiritual advice if all medical tests are cleared and the victim does not seem to recover from bad health, broken relationships and poor financial performance. 

How Black Magic/Sihr Is Done? 
As stated above, black magic is the use of evil, satanic and dark forces. Black magicians have to submit to devil and do different sacrifices to please him and in return the demonic/devil forces come to assist them. There is no set standards or universal method of conducting black magic as different societies and cultures have different rituals, methods to perform black magic but ultimately each black magician has to submit to Satan to get their evil designs carried out. 

Effects, Symptoms of Sihr/Black Magic: 

-Sudden weight loss or gain without any physical evidence
-Bouts of depression 
-Feelings of dizziness 
-Suicidal thoughts 
-Scattered Thought Pattern 
-Inability to focus on anything especially any meaningful acitivity 
- Loss of Sleep 
-Loss of Memory 
-Sudden decline in business and money 
-Relationship deteriorate 
-Extreme Aversion To Religious Duties 
-Excessive Desire 
-Dreaming of Falling From High Places such as Mountains and Peaks
-Water in Dream Also Suggest Black Magic Effects 
-Epilepsy, Seizure without any medical evidence
-Desire For Seclusion From Society and Social Responsibilities
-Sudden mood changes (from anger to happiness and vice versa)
-Feeling Sad For No Remarkable Reason
-Lack Of Se-xual Desire
-Seeing/Meeting Spiritual Entities
-Dogs, Snakes, Other Animals
-Rashes on Skin/Red Spots on Thighs, Hands
-Shouting When One Is Asleep
-Thinking Negatively of Allah(SWT) 
-Develop Arrogance and Hubris
-Mocking/Making Fun of Poor or those Under-privileged
-Taking Pride On Committing Sins Without Any Remorse
-Being Concerned With Others While Ignoring One's own Faults
-Excessive Fear Of Poverty
-Excessive Pride of one's Riches

These are some of the main effects that take toll on the patient’s spiritual and psychical health.  Dreams are also a crucial factor in determining the presence of black magic. The treatment of black magic may take weeks, and months and sometimes years to rehabilitate the victim. One note of caution is, stay away from fake peers, healers and black magicians. Instead of getting treated, the victims life become more problematic. 

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