Wazifa and dua for straight teeth

Wazifa and dua for straight teeth: This wazifa can Inshallah straighten your teeth but the key to getting your desire fulfilled by Allah is hundred percent trust in the Creator's ability and power to do it.
This verse from Quran can do miracles for you if you stick to this wazifa until it gives your the results you are after

How to do the wazifa:

* Choose Asr time (right after salah/namaz)
* Recite Surah Fatiha 3 times
* Recite the below-mentioned verse from Quran 400 times

* Recite Surah Fatiha 3 times once again

Continue this wazifa-dua for thirty days straight (without taking any day off).

To get hundred percent results:

1) You must have one hundred percent belief that Allah is going to give you straight teeth as a result of this wazifa-dua because Allah is able to do anything and He loves to listen to our prayers and requests.

2) You must have patience and there should be no doubt in your mind about Allah's ability to give you straight teeth.

3) You must start giving thanks to Allah for existing blessings and favours regarding your teeth. For example, be thankful to Allah for at least having teeth to eat food. Be thankful that your teeth don't give you pain or bleed. Be thankful that your teeth are all intact and haven't fallen out.
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