Dua for sins

Here is a very beautiful dua for sins. We, as humans, have ego and we keep making mistakes. When we talk about sins, we usually refer to big ones, that is, the ones that attract Allah's wrath. However, we also make smaller ones like complaining, negligence, blaming outside factors (people, things, events) for our own laziness, mistakes and errors.
Dua for sins
English transliteration of Islamic Dua for sins: 

1) Astaghfirullah-allazi Laa Ilaaha Illa Hua-al-Hayy-ul-Qayyoomu Wa-Atoobu Ilaih.
2) Astaghfirullaha-rabbi Min Kulli Zammbin-Wa-Atoobu Ilaih

We should remember that asking Allah for forgiveness of our sins should be done with one hundred percent faith. Most of the times, we keep repenting and repenting with no hope of getting forgiveness, this is wrong as we must know Allah is the most merciful and He knows of every single thought we create in our mind and heart.

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