Remove Black Magic On Girls' Marriage With Quran

People out of jealousy send black magic spells on other people with selfish and often destructive aims. This why black magic is forbidden in Islam and other religions such as Christianity and Judaism.  Jealous people go to magicians to get spells/amal done on the stoppage of young girls. Sometimes, its the relatives and other times its the friends or people who fail to get married to a certain girl and in revenge cast the spell so that she cannot get married to any other man. The symptoms usually are: the victim girl doesnt get acceptable marriage proposals. Even if they do, the marriage doesnt materialize despite everything being all set and at the eleventh hour, things go awry. However, there is no need to worry as the Quran has the cure for this type of magic done.

Treatment Method For This Magic: Preferably, the person on whom this magic/sihr is done, should do the amal/method to remove it. After Fajr prayers, she must read Durood 11 times, 11 times Surah-Maryam and end the amal/method with 11 times Durood again. Continue this method for 11 consecutive days. If it doesnt break the magic, continue doing for 21 days or 41 days, by the grace of Allah, the curse will be broken. 

Break Black Magic on Girls Marriage/Proposal With Quran: Urdu/Hindi Explanation

Urdu/Hindi Explanation: Baaz log hasad aur jalan mai jawan larkiyoun ki shadi per jadoo ka amal karwadetay hain jiskay nateejay mai un larkiou (khoobsurate honay k bawajuud) shadi nahi hopati. Is qism k jadoo ko tornay ka assan tareeqa ye hai k fajar ki namaz jis pe ye jadoo kia gaya hai wo amal is tarah shoro karay: 11 dafa Durood Shareef, 11 dafa Surah Maryam poori parhain aur akhir mai 11 dafa Durood Shareef parh ker amal ko khatam karain. InshAllah, 11-21 din mai jadoo k tamam asraat khatam hojayengay. 
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