Money problems and Islam: What do I do?

I want to make money, I offer salah five times. I try my best not to make sins. But still I don't feel energetic enough to take part in making money or spending my time in financial activities. What's wrong? I know a lot of people who don't even offer Salah are actively participating in money-making, they are financially more stable than I am. What's happening? I am living by begging people for loans.
Money problems matters Islam:Quran. How do I end it?

Answer: The easiest and fastest way (One hundred percent sure) to make money in Islam is to "Let Allah know what you will be giving Him in return when you finally start making money"??????

Sounds confusing?
I will try to explain: Nothing in Allah's universe is happening by chance. Allah is running everything on equilibrium. Equilibrium is balance. Your current mental and spiritual condition makes you unfit and it is all your own mistake, not Allah's fault. 

So what's the way to get out of this negativity that is stopping money from coming to you??

The best thing you could give Allah in return for your desired blessing of money is: 
1) Intense gratitude (shukar) 
2) Use of this money the right way
3) A promise that you will be doing Shukr on all existing and future blessings of Allah.

How do I let Allah know that I will be giving him gratitude and using money the right way "if Allah gives me money???
1) by tongue (verbally telling Allah how much grateful (Shaakir, Ehsaan Mannd) you will be when your financial problem ends). 
2) By imagining through your heart. Imagine Allah has answered you Dua and you have started making money, now how much grateful you are???? Let Allah know by creating intense feeling of gratitude. You could imagine saying "Alhamdulillah" as Allah has control over everything and He loves to listen to our prayers.

How do I actually practice it? Tell me the exact method. 

1) After every Salah, when you make dua at the end. You can verbally tell Allah that you will stop being ungrateful towards His blessings and when you finally get money, you will do your best to be grateful (shaakir) to Allah for this huge favour. And also, let Allah know verbally, you will be using this money the right way (as Quran teaches us, zakah, sadqa, financial help to others). 

2) Take some time, say half an hour, in a quite room. Sit comfortably. Close you eyes. Imagine the situation when Allah finally gives you money and money making opportunities. Imagine what feelings you will be creating towards Allah for this blessing and favour. Imagine you receive huge cash in the bank account, let Allah know by imagining how much grateful you will be. Imagine saying Alhamdulillah repeatedly. Imagine you will be using this money according to what Quran teaches us (zakah, sadaqa, loans to the needy, fee the hungry). Imagine you will be using this money to helping others. 

3) Start doing shukr on existing blessings also. 
Take a digital counter or tasbeeh. Commit to count 2000 blessings of Allah (ehsaan) for you.
Shukr on Home, food, good health, relief from disability, relief from pain and hunger.
Start being grateful to Allah for every single penny you get, either by loan or your own effort. Start doing shukr on the bad things that didn't happen due to Allah's mercy. Think how would you feel if the lender refused to give money? Say Alhamdulillah each time. 

These steps should be done as often as you can. If you can practise these steps, Allah will start blessing you with financial ease In Sha Allah. 

This is not a magic pill. You will have to spend time dwelling on it. Allah is all knowing and is recording every single thought we create in our mind and every single  thing we do. We can't pin Him down or force Him to fulfill our orders or demands. We have to sincerely, like an obedient slave, convince Him, that we will be treating all the past, present, and future blessings with gratitude (shukar). 

Let's recall: Nothing in Allah's universe is happening by chance. Allah is running everything on equilibrium. Equilibrium is balance. Your current mental and spiritual condition makes you unfit and it is all your own mistake, not Allah's fault. 
Narrow-minded religious education has a lot to answer for. We are taught that money is evil. We are taught that money is loved by sinful and corrupt people. We are told wrong interpretations of hadiths and Quran verses regarding money and rizq. This creates a negative thinking pattern that keeps attracting poverty and we blame Allah, Salah and Islam for not helping us. 

Please start practising this Dua and let me know how well you are going. Share your experience with me. I hope I can be of some help Inshallah. Alhamdulillah many people have ended their financial blockages using this gratitude (shukr) method. And best of all, Allah will keep bringing you closer to Himself if you are practising this Dua method in every aspect of your life. 

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