Asma ul Husna benefits (fazail)

Asma ul Husna benefits, fazail (Urdu): Allah's names and their attributes are all mentioned in Quran and we can really make the most of them by dwelling on their meaning and learning what they really mean to us. Since all of these names are used in Quran in different verses, each of them need deeper research on our part.
Asma ul Husna benefits in Urdu and fazail

Empty recitation (as we are used to doing it) without understanding what is being said may help us focus on what we are trying to do, but learning and dwelling on the meaning is the best way to gain benefits. I recommend you recite some of the names daily during the day -- preferably before or after your salah (prayers). These benefits (fazail/fazilat)of Asma ul Husna in Urdu can really change your life and circumstances within a short period of time if you recite them with your heart and dwell on the meaning.
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