Sunday, July 3, 2016

Asma e Husna: 99 Names of Allah and their meaning

Here is a complete collection of Asma e Husna, with their meaning in Urdu Language. Asma ul Husna are the beautiful names of Allah - the Creator of everything -- and the attributes and names have tons of wisdom and benefits. I have shared a image that contains each of Allah's names' meaning.
Asma e Husna with meaning translation in Urdi

Asma e Husna or 99 names of Allah are all attributes of our Creator and Lord who is the most Merciful and Forgiving. Inshaallah I will be covering all the Asma ul Husna one by one, shedding light on their meaning and explanation. Plus there will be a huge collection of Asma ul Husna wazaif for those wanting to gain maximum advantage of these beautiful names and attributes. The meaning of Allah's names are in Urdu translation, but I will be covering them in other languages too.

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