Friday, July 15, 2016

How I used Asma ul Husna for hajat

Asma ul Husna for hajat: I have been reciting Asma ul Husna for the past few months and literally my life has seen major positive changes, not just spiritually, but also my worldly affairs are on a growth path. 
Asma ul Husna for hajat 

How to:
1. Choose any suitable time of the day (Fajar is best).
2. Recite Asma ul Husna (all 99 names) for 41 times. Also dwell on the meaning while reciting.
3. When you recite each name with their meaning, imagine that Allah has already fulfilled your hajat as all His names and attributes tell us that only Allah is capable of making everything happen.
4. Continue the method for 40 days. 

Please note: When you recite the names of Allah keeping your hajat in your mind, please be mindful that you imagine or assume that Allah has already fulfilled your hajat. This is important, as a weak faith will not give you the desired results.
Admit it or not, most of us are used to reciting Quran and verses without paying attention to their meaning and this often makes it hard for us to get much-needed benefits from reciting them. 

I have made many of my (hajat) manifested by Allah lately and I can confidently say that Allah accepts our prayers in certain conditions. Although Allah's mercy is being showered on everyone of us at all times, but He wants us to pray with complete faith in His power, mercy and glory. The best way to do it is to imagine that Allah has already answered prayer. 

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