Friday, May 20, 2016

Dua for protection from heat stroke and dehydration

You can protect yourself from heat stroke, hot weather by reciting this beautiful Islamic Dua. I was hit by summer heat and had to go see a doctor for treatment. But ever since I started reciting a dua to battle heat, I have not been hurt by heat stroke once.
Hot weather, heat stroke and rising temperatures in many countries have raised concerns and sadly there have been even deaths due to sweltering heat. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh have been worst hit this summer as heat stroke has made people stay indoors.
Dua for heat stroke, hot weather summer and dehydration

We have been trying to collect the best Islamic duas for people and so far we have been able to compile a pretty big list by the grace of Allah. We hope to continue sharing duas and other Islamic wazaif for you. Please don't forget to share the content to your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Stay blessed and remember us in your prayers.

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