Sunday, May 22, 2016

Darood Sharif in English

Here is an English transliteration of Darood Sharif for those of you who can't read Arabic text. It is always to wise to recite translation with original text of that particular dua, ayat or hadith, but a transliteration is done merely to help people pronounce and read the words in the right way.
"Allahumma Salli ala' Mohammadiw Wa'Ala Aaai Mohammadin Kama Sallaita Alaa Ibraheema Wa'Ala Aali Imbraheema Innaka Hameed um Majeed. Allahumma Baarik Ala Mohammadiw Wa'Ala Aali Mohammadin Kamaa Baarakta Ala Ibraheema Wa'Ala Ali Ibrheema Innaka Hameed um Majeed. 
Darood Sharif in English 
This is just a tranliteration and you are advised to recite it with the help of someone who knows the right Arabic pronounciation so that you can recite the English text in the right way.

Remember me in your prayers. Stay blessed !  

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