Inzamam ul Haq preaches Brian Lara about Islam

There is a lot of chatter about how Brian Lara shut some Pakistani cricketers up by not accepting Islam and asking a counter question. And guess what? the sensationalist social media of Pakistan is making it look like "Brian Lara rejected Islam." This is insane and irresponsible. By labelling the whole thing "Brian Lara rejects Islam" we are actually sparking Muslim sentiments against the former West Indian batsman.

I am disgusted at the way we have been spreading this information. Lara simply asked what he had in his mind and we should behave like humans and true Muslims if we want to project Islam in its purest form. Pulling people's head off and taking our insecurities out on non-Muslims like this won't serve Islam's purpose.
Inzamam ul Haq preaches Brian Lara about Islam
I think our media reporting has a lot to answer for as we just try to be sensationalist to gain the views and audience which often forces us to project news in negative ways. First, it was electronic media that hijacked true journalism and now we are bombarded by an unrestrained social media warriors who will do all they can to drive traffic. 
Former Pakistani captain and star batsman Inzamam ul Haq has said he preached Brian Lara about Islam a couple of weeks ago during a gathering at Lahore and there was something about it he still can't forget.

Inzamam who has devoted most of his time to Tablighi Jamat and has been an active member even before leaving the sport, says he was passionate about preaching Brian Lara about Islam and he along with another religious figure gave Lara a brief talk. 
But a question posed by Lara "silenced everyone of us," Inzamam said during one of his lectures. 
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