Dua for lots of money, rizq

Are you trying to make a lot of money? Why not put your trust in Allah for your worldly needs too? Making a lot of money isn't evil and we should remember that Allah has control over everything and if you wish to make a progress in our financial life we must develop a habit that forces us to trust in Allah for everything we do and want.
This dua is a surefire and I have seen it work powerfully. I get a lot of questions about how to end poverty and how to make money immediately. I usually recommend this dua as it has very powerful meanings (I have shared Urdu translation of the dua so you can get a better understanding of how powerful the words are). Ok I admit making money is not easy these days as bad economy has forced a lot of people to live below poverty line. But Allah has given us guidance in every aspect of life and there is no need to worry about our finances too.
Dua for making lots of money immediately 
Quran with Urdu translation

Learn this dua by heart, which you can do in a matter of days I guess. I can add transliteration if you want me to as most of our Muslim brothers and sisters living abroad have a hard time understanding Arabic text.

So, the plan is to recite this dua after every prayer (Salah/namaza) and especially before going to sleep. When you close your eyes, keep reciting it and start imagining that Allah has answered your dua. This method is so powerful as it will train your mind to pray with strong desire. Remember our prayers are not accepted by Allah until they become our habits. This makes a lot of sense. We will talk about why some Duas are accepted and some are rejects in another post because this subject is very important and most of the Muslims are not even aware of why their prayers/duas keep getting rejected. No need to lose hope. 
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  1. please provide transliteration of the duas given

    1. Transliteration of this Dua:

      "Allah Latifum Be-ibadihi Yarzuqu man yashah. Wahu-wal Qawiyyul Azeez"

    2. How many time can one recite this dua and for how many days