Bravery Or Stupidity? Decide It Yourself

Is this stupidity or bravery? The Russian daredevils are scaling heights, yes literally heights not in the metaphorical sense and making records. Their first and foremost hobby is find the tallest sky-crappers in the town and climb them. Selfies and video recording is a must for sure. This crazy trend has gone viral among the daring individuals out there and they literally make your limbs shutter. It is just hard to watch do such stunts, let alone giving it a try ourselves.

One thing is for sure. These stunts and daredevils activities are absolutely illegal across the world and if caught red handed they can land in trouble and face prison in some country laws. However, they somehow sneak out and complete the craziest students. It is in the fashion but it is safer to stay away from such stuff unless you are exceptionally brave.

Though there have been no reported accidents as a result of these daredevil feets but certainly it is high risk activity and any error from the daredevil will only result in death. Imagine a guy falling off a skycrapper.I will say no to doing this wild and extremely dangerous stuff.

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