Quranic Wazifa for Easy Birth of Child

Here is a very effective and tried and tested Quranic wazifa for easy birth of child. As soon the labor pain appears on woman, it is recommended to read Surah Maryam. Please read the entire Surah with Wadhu. It is better if the woman/girl can read the Surah herself. It will ease the labor pain and ensure the safe delivery of a healthy boy or girl.Please avoid tying taweez around the woman. It not at all an Islamic practice. Our Propher Muhammad (SAW) has discouraged the use of taweez and it is our responsibility to follow in the footsteps of our beloved prophet. Quran is enough for Muslims and it has solution to every problem that we face. Please read Surah Maryam afer Fajr prayer. By the virtue of Allah's words, the birth will become easy.

URDU EXPLANATION: Bachay ki Asan pedaish k liye Surah Maryam ka Wazifa. Jub labor pain zahir hona shoro hojaye toh Surah Maryam ka wazifa shoro karain aur us waqt tak jari rakhain jub tak k baccha peda nahi hojata. Please taweezat pehannay ya pehnanay se parhez karain kion k ye hamaray Nabi Muhammad(SAW) ki taleemat k khilaf hai. Kia Quran hamaray liye kafi nahi. 

(Image: Bachay ki aasan pedaish k liye wazifa) 

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