Wazifa for Love Between Wife and Husband (Mian Biwi K Darmayan Muhabbat ka Wazifa)

There is need for love between and wife and husband for the benefit of the society and next generations. But often times, we see there is a some kind of discord between them and that often results in divorce, the most despicable yet legal act in Islam. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) disliked the act of divorce and it is the duty of every muslim to preserve their marital relationship. However, some people have black magic done on their marriages which results in constant fights between the couple. It can easily be avoided by doing this rohani islamic wazifa. By the virtue of this dua, your relationship will never fall apart. For urdu, please read the image below: 
husband wife love wazifa Urdu

love between wife and husband: wazifa and ilaj

For this wazifa to work, please make sure that you are praying five times a day on time and complete abstinence from haram things such as illegal earnings, adultery, riba etc. Start doing this wazifa from today and you will witness a happy relationship within a week time. 

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