Law of attraction: Quick money manifestation technique

This sure-fire law-of-attraction technique named "The Focus Wheel" can surely speed up your manifestation. Hope you are doing well and your law-of-attraction practice is going smooth as well. Here is a nice video on how to get money real quicker.
The method is explained by Doug Graham who made $3000 in under three days. It's unbelievable and the method is easy to use as I myself have manifested so many things using the Focus Wheel in the recent past
I have shared transcript of the video for those of you who want to have a better understanding of the technique "The Focus Wheel."

"Hey everybody, this is my video blog, actually my first one with empower network. I am going to explain to you how in three steps I was able to manifest $3000 within three days using the concept and the technique provided by power of attraction and it's called The Focus Wheel. So, what happens is.......This is a very very powerful thing you can do....It requires a little bit of diagramming. In fact I included a video below my video blog which also goes into it. So my story was, last summer, living in Palm Springs here, there is a lot of people that leave during the triple digit.............."

Law of attraction: Focus Wheel method for money

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