Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wazifa to pass examination (dua for success in papers)

Here is a very effective wazifa to pass examination. If you have exams coming up and you are worried about your results, you can put your trust in Allah and seeking his help. It is not wise to just rely on dua as not take any action as you know preparation also is the process that will take you to your final success, which is to pass the test/exam.
However, if you have no time left and you are worried sick about what is going to happen to your results, sit back and relax as the wazifa I am going to share with you today has seen many losers turn into gainers. You could be one of the gainers but it will be up to your faith and belief.

Wazifa dua for success in examination: Pass papers Urdu

My advice for this wazifa: Make sure you have made wazu when you leave for the examination hall. When you are handed the examination paper, close your eyes and start reciting this wzifa right there and then and start assuming that you are doing pretty well in the paper and at the end of the process recite Sura Fatiha as a thanks to Allah for giving you this beautiful dua in troubled times. Now open your eyes and start your work in the name of Allah (start with Bismillah).
Remember me in your prayers.

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