Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Strongest Wazifa For Hajat In Urdu

Do you have a legal Hajat (desire for something) like marriage, children or anything else. We are sharing a very powerful wazifa that will transform your life from bad to good and everything will start working for you. There is no permission required for doing this strongest wazifa to fulfill your legit hajat. Please only do this wazifa for (jayez hajaat) otherwise this will not work. For example, do not use this wazifa to defeat your enemy or get something illegally from somebody for your own advantage. If used wrongly, you will have to face repercussions sometimes wrath from Allah. Additonally, it is a Major SIN to use Allah's name for your illegal hajats and desires. 

Wazifa:Durood 11 times., Bismillah hir rehman nir rehim 1000 times, Durood 11 times
Timing: Please choose one time for doing this wazifa after namaz. After fajar and Asar namaz time, this will be the best. 

URUD Explanation: kia apki koi aisi jayez hajat hai jo ap pori hoti dekhna chahtay hain. Isi powerful wazifa ko karain achi niyaat k sath k Allah he apki hajat poori ya rafa karsakta hai.

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  1. I want to get engaged with that person who I want so is this wazifa is better for that

    1. Yes, Farah, this wazifa is best for you.

    2. I email you did you get that.if you get my email can you plz rply me..

    3. No, didn't get the email. Please send emails to greenflaggers@gmail.com

    4. I email you again but I think you didn't get that..I told you i want to get engaged.but I have some problems.i want everyone agree with that so I want to get engaged as soon as possible can you give me the wazifa for that...

    5. The best wazifa you can practise is Surah Fatiha Wazifa:

      Surah Fatiha Wazifa: Recite Surah Fatiha 21 times after every prayer. Continue this for 21 days. InshaAllah the best possible outcome will be given to you.

      * Have one hundred faith Allah will fulfill your wish.
      * Be patient and don't have a single doubt as it gives a bad impression to Allah that you doubt Allah's power and mercy (blessings). Just be confident about Allah and His power.

  2. Asalmu alekum,as I am 7 month pregnant and doctor told me to gain weight atleast 10kg.now everything is normal and my baby is healthy mashaAllaah too bt for not facing any complications I have to gain.so can I receive this wazifa coz 10kg is not possible .Plz help me out