Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wazifa for good health

Asslamoalaikum brothers and sisters,

I am going to share with you another good wazifa of the day. A very effective wazifa (dua) for good health. Having good health is one of the blessings of Allah and this blessing is what keeps us able to do all our daily tasks. Praying for good health indicates that you put your trust in Allah and understand that it is only Allah who is able to help you stand on your feet. What if he took away health from you? Would you still be able to carry out your daily tasks?

I always stress the importance of gratitude. For instance, you have practised this wazifa today, start thanking Allah for strength that enabled you to recite this wazifa. You must know that being grateful to Allah attracts more. Allah promises in Quran that He will increase you if you are grateful. So my advice is to be grateful to Allah for this beautiful dua that will surely help you get good health from Allah.

Remember me in your prayers.

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