Authentic Wazifa For Love Marriage

Authentic Wazifa For Love Marriage

Today, we are going to share with you a very effective, working, and authentic wazifa for 
love marriage. This wazifa can be done by anybody who is unmarried and wants to get married to a person, man or women of their choice.  However, this is not allowed to do wazifa for any unislamic purpose such as dating, illicit relationships, or your life will be destroyed. This wazifa is only for those serious individuals who want to get married the Islamic way.  This wazifa will help you get married to the person of your choice. I repeat the caution that you have to take before doing this wazifa. This wazifa will only work when used for marriage purpose in an Islamic way. Any other method employed will not work anyway. First and foremost, make the habit of doing astaghfar constantly throughout the day and night when awake, at work or free. Keep reciting Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min KulliZambiyon Wa Atoobu ilaih.  Please remember Allah and His favors in details. This will create the sense of gratitude and repentance in your heart and as a result of this, your soul will get cleansed. All the negative vibes, and energies will automatically go away. 

Recite "Ya Ghaniyu" for 21 days straight after prayers. Be punctual with your prayer, namaz and do not miss a single namaz or this wazifa will not work. Do charity/sadqa according to your financial strength on daily. You have to do sadqa daily with the pure intention of getting married. For Urdu instruction of doing this authentic wazifa for love marriage. Please see the image below.
Authentic Wazifa for Love Marriage Urdu

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Don’t Do This Wazifa For Somebody Who is Already Married

As stated earlier, this wazifa will only work if your intention of getting married is pure and does not violate any Islamic value or Allah’s commandment. You should not do this wazifa for somebody who is already either married or engaged. Otherwise, this will fall in the negative category and you will be responsible for the grave consequences of this in the future.  Once you have successfully achieved the result by doing this wazifa. Please do sadqa and charity and pay gratitude to Allah (SAW) from the bottom of your heart.

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