Ya Razzaqu wazifa benefits

Ya Razzaqu wazifa for money and rizq: Ya Razzaqu has plenty of benefits but the one being the most notable is easy flow of rizq, wealth and money (with barakah) to the person who regularly practices this wazifa.
With current economic conditions that bring uncertainty for even those who once made money effortlessly, making money and providing food for family is now the biggest concern on an average Muslim, which is unfortunate. But let's not worry as Allah has given us all the tools to fix the money and rizq issues (no matter how worse they are).

Ya Razzaqu Wazifa and its multiple benefits:

*) If you think your house must be cleaned in terms of barakh and your rizq is getting hard to get, recite Ya Razzaqu ten times standing on the four corners of the house (ten times on each corner), Inshallah Allah will arrange easy flow of money and rizq to you from sources unknown to you.

*) Ya Razzaqu is also best for getting your shop, factory, farms and other workplaces up and running and filled with barakah (blessing).

*) Regular recitation of Ya Razzaqu (with meaning of the name and goal in your mind ) will miraculously increase your shop's income and business. 
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