How to thank Allah in Islam?

How to thank Allah? Say "Alhamdulillah" !

When you want to give thanks to Allah, saying "Alhamdulillah" will suffice.

Thanking Allah seems an easy task, but most of the times negativity and our ego keeps us from giving thanks deep from our heart. If your thanks is shallow and not real, you are not going to impress Allah. Let's be mindful that Allah is appreciative (shakoor) and He loves His praise (a genuine one), not empty words that have no feelings at all.

Step 1) Tell Allah why He deserves your thanks

"O Allah, you have control over everything and you create every single thing. So all the thanks and credits go to you. In order to create that one single blessing (health), one must have infinite knowledge (physical, spiritual, cells, atoms, DNA, creation of blood, air and oxygyn in it), unlimited power and mercy. Allah is the only one who had the power to give you good health.

Step 2) Tell Allah that you have no role in getting that blessing/favour

If you cannot create the simplest creation like blinking of your eye or movement of your fingers because it requires infinite intelligence and unlimited power (there are unlimited number of physical and meta-physical processes involved in a simple act of creation of such as blinking of your eye). So can you be responsible for making that blessing occur? Not at all. It doesn't make sense to associate that blessing to a limited creature like human who can't even create itself.

Step 3) Tell Allah that if He didn't do you favour, you could have been into much worse condition
It is possible for things to get worse. If something is bad in your life, it could have got worse as we are not special beings who should always for preferential treatment for no reason. We fool ourselves into thinking that "we are entitled to get what we want or we are entitled to get what we don't have right now". If we don't focus on could-be-worse scenario or worse possibilities and our vulnerabilities, Allah will give us more to complain about as this is what we have been wanting by not doing a positive assessment of blessings.


 Positive assessment of a blessing can be easily done by creating the feeling of losing the blessings/favours we are enjoying right now. If you want to give thanks for your hands, imagine the scene where you lose both your hands and focus on the difficulties that come as a result. Dwell on it for a few minutes, and you have created the strong feelings of thankfulness for Allah and His mercy. See yourself in bandage and feel the helplessness without your hands. Feel how hard your life has become without your hands. Now, get back to the reality and have a sigh of relief that you didn't lose your hands. How merciful Allah is  ! Just give this technique a try and you will be shocked to know how powerfully it works to create intense feelings of gratitude.

Step 4) Tell Allah how this blessing has benefited you

If you are wanting to give thanks to Allah for your new job. Tell Allah how this job new job is going to keep you away from debt. Say "Alhamdulillah" every single time you think of the benefits. Tell Allah how much you needed this job because you want to learn and grow. Say Alhamdulillah. Tell Allah this job will help you put food on the table and help the needy and poor. Say Alhamdulillah for this one particular benefit. You can come up with literally hundred of more benefits of this blessing (new job).

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