Meaning of Ya Razzaq and explanation

The meaning of Razzaq is "The Provider"

Razzaq is one of the glorious names of Allah. The name has been mentioned in Quran on several occasions.

The real provider of rizq is Allah, Razzaq, although He doesn't directly appear as we don't have capacity to see Him with our eyes and limited intellect as He has mentioned this aspect in Quran. When Musa AS asked Allah to show Himself to him, Allah told him that "You cannot see me, but look upon the mountain if it stands still in its place then you shall see me."

This is clear sign and it gives us plenty of reasons why Allah is still the provider while giving us food and rizq through different means and tools. Your parents put food on the table for you as Allah used them as a tool to feed you. Would your parents have been able to put food on the table if it hadn't been for Allah's mercy? Nothing can exist without Allah's will as every single act of creation (such as your parent's being able to work for you and provide you with food) requires infinite intelligence and unlimited power and reach.

Every single tool/vehicle/means Allah uses to feed us is completely dependent on Allah, meaning Allah is the actual Provider of food, rizq, money and everything.


Intelligent arrangement

Since Allah has infinite intelligent and He is intelligently, and systematically, functioning and operating, He feeds us intelligently. A glass of milk you drink every night or morning reaches you through an unlimited number various of channels. There's cow, and the entire milk-producing system in the animal.

The milk itself is composed of several elements and characteristics. The milk comes out of the udder and makes its way through different markets (wholesale and retail) to you. A lot of humans also get provided with food during the process of this just one blessing (a glass of milk) you enjoy.

There is farm owner, people who are in the business of livestock, those who distribute milk across markets, the shopkeeper who sells you the final product (ready-to-drink milk). This is intelligent arrangement of provision. The real Provider is Allah.

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