Ya Fattahu wazifa benefits

Ya Fattahu wazifa benefits: Al Fattah is one of Asma ul Husna (Glorious names of Allah) and it has several benefits concerning both material and spiritual aspects of our life.

Quran has talked about attributes of Allah in different ways in order to teach us humans about why we need to surrender to the Lord. If we dwell on the meaning of each Asma e Husna, we gradually develop spiritual connection with our Creator, bringing blessings and attracting Allah's mercy.

Spiritual Benefits: Ya Fattahu has spiritual benefits that are beyond our comprehension. It is not enough to just verbally recite the name, though it is necessary and it does have its own impact, but dwelling on the meaning of the name is something that will give us the real value and advantage.

Physical/Material Benefits: Ya Fattahu wazifa is very powerful when it comes to remove blockages in life. Money, health, marriage and social issues can be resolved if Ya Fattahu wazifa is practised on a regular basis. If bad luck has kept you from making a progress in life or you think you are not working up to your potential, this wazifa is a must-do for you. 
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