Surah Ikhlas English Transliteration

Here is an easy English transliteration of Surah Ikhlas. People whose first language is not Arabic find it hard to recite Quran verses and especially when they are learning how to offer salah -- one of five pillars of Islam (a fardh).

English Transliteration:

"Qul huwallahu ahad
Lam yalid walam yulad
Walam yakul-lahu kufuwan ahad"

Since Surah Ikhlas is one of the short chapters of Quran and it centres around the most fundamental aspect Islam stresses - Tawheed - Oneness of Creator. Moreover, if you are trying to learn it for regular recitation and want to memorise parts of Quran, starting with this Surah is a good idea as it has just four verses, but the importance of Ikhlas speaks for itself as it is mentioned in a Hadith as a Surah whose recitation can be the cause for one's access to Jannah.

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