Dua to sell property quickly

Dua for sale of house or if you want to sell your property quickly: This dua can be recited if you are struggling to sell your property.

There are several issues related to the sale of property or house and they often become a stumbling block in your being able to turn your asset into cash. This dua can work like a miracle for you if you recite it with full trust in Allah.

This dua has proven to work when odds are against people. The sheer power of the dua lies in your letting og of your ego and putting your complete trust in Allah's ability and power. 

Miracles happen and they happen all the time, but it is our own limiting belief and lack of trust and faith in Allah's capability. 

This is ironic as on one hand we claim to believe in Allah, while on the other hand, we judge Allah's ability through our own limited lenses, which only creates a limited image of Allah's power, mercy and His intelligence which is infinite (even if we believe it or not - it will remain a fact). 

If you can practially think of something under Allah's control and reach and hold that belief in your prayer/dua, Allah will definitely give you solution in that regard Inshallah.

Keep reciting this dua repeatedly, dwelling on the meaning of it. When you dwell on the words and meaning, focus on how much importance you give to Allah in your mind. Do you think Allah has what it takes to accept your dua? How much grateful I will be once Allah listens to my prayer/dua?
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  1. Salam,
    Is this Arabic?
    Can you please translate it and write it in English text? Thank you