Wazifa and dua for big eyes

This wazifa and dua for big eyes can be your most powerful option as trusting in Allah's ability and mercy is the key to getting what we want. If you truly believe in Allah's power of creation and His mercy on His creation (both your eyes and your entire existence), then you are definitely going to have bigger eyes Inshahallah.

Wazifa-Dua method:

- Recite Surah Fatiha three times
- Recite this Quran verse (ayat) 400 times

- Recite Surah Fatiha three times again
- Continue this wazifa for 21 days (do it after Asr)

For desired results:

* Have 100% faith in Allah's power and mercy. Already start imagining that Allah has given you big eyes as a result of doing this wazifa/dua.
* Be patient and remove all doubts about Allah's ability, power and mercy from your mind.
* Be thankful for blessings and Allah's favours you are enjoying right now. Give thanks to Allah for having eyes to see. Start giving thanks to Allah for His blessings (health, food, shelter, knowledge)

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