Dua for making impossible tasks and work possible

Dua for making something impossible completely possible: This Dua is powerful as it can turn your impossible tasks into possible ones by the will of Allah. If you are dealing with an impossible work or things, you can repeatedly recite this dua or until you feel confident.

Recite this Dua as often as you can, especially after your regular Salah. In addition, recite it 100 times and dwell on the meaning of it
dua for impossible work, thing and hajat in Urdu translation with Arabic

Transliteration: Bismillahi ya badee-al ajaa-ibi bil-khairi ya badee

English translation: "O Allah ! my desire is impossible to me, but not to you. Please make this impossible possible with a miracle"

Impossible Hajat or wish: If you have an impossible hajat which you think is beyond you or it is practically not possible to get it, you can totally put your trust in this dua as it will mean putting your trust in Allah, His unlimited power, His infinite intelligence and his never-ending mercy.

Impossible Tasks/work: There are times when you find yourself stuck and getting your tasks done seems like an insurmountable obstacle. This dua is powerful when it comes to finding the right solution and getting tasks done effortlessly.


To get satisfactory results from this dua:

1) Complete belief:

You must have complete and unwavering belief and trust in Allah's ability to make your impossible hajat or work possible as He has complete control over everything existing in the universe. If doubts or evil suggestions try to enter your mind, just take a few breaths and in your mind, ask yourself this simple question: Don't I believe in Allah's ability, power and mercy? Or Is my task or hajat bigger than Allah's power and mercy?

2) Give thanks and gratitude 

Allah loves His praise and appreciation. Start giving thanks to Allah for the favours He is doing you. Give gratitude to Allah also for this dua you have found on this blog as Allah brought you here on purpose. Give thanks by repeatedly saying "Alhamdulillah" verbally and in you r heart.

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