Ya Razzaqu wazifa for shop business

Ya Razzaqu wazifa is your arsenal if you want your shop business to grow, not only rapidly but also with barakah (barkat) beyond your imagination. All you have to do is give up your ego and put all your trust in Allah and His plans. Let Allah grow your shop business, sit back, relax and give thanks while seeing your shop income rise.

How to practise the wazifa: 

- Recite "Alhamdulillah" 100 times as "thanks" to Allah for giving you a shop and an opportunity to make money
- Recite Ya Razzaqu 313 times (keep your wish in your mind while recitation)
- Recite "Alhamdulillah" 100 times again as thanks to Allah for having a shop (don't worry how bad your shop is right now, just focus on giving thanks)
- Continue this wazifa for 21 days

If you do this Ya Razzaqu wazifa at the start of the day while sitting in your shop, it is even better.


  If you want to gain hundred percent results, make sure:

1) You have hundred percent belief in Allah and His glorious attribute (the name - Razzaq). Having limited belief in Allah's ability, mercy and power is negative and it sends bad signal to Allah. Allah wants to to have fill confidence in Him.

2) Be patient. If laziness, doubts and mental distraction enter your mind, just ignore them and be patient. Just focus on Allah and His power and mercy.

3) Give thanks to Allah for your present/existing blessings and money you are making right now. Remember if you are ungrateful and thankless to Allah for His existing and current favours regarding your money and shop, you will not be able to grow your shop income and sales. You can recite "Alhamdulillah" 2000 times daily for money, food, health, house, and the shop you are having right now.


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