How to Detect and Identify Black Magic on Person?

Is it possible to identify and correctly identify black magic on a person? Before dwelling on this topic, it is necessary to understand that black magic does exists and can seriously damage victim’s health as it has both physical and spiritual repercussions. Some people deny the existence of black magic at all but the fact is anybody can be the victim of black magic with or without knowing. The following symptoms and effects will help detect and identify the existence of black magic. There are three main facets to this. One is black magic or Sihr, jinn possession and evil eye. However, most of the times the effects are similar and one can easily identify and detect black magic. 
You will see one of the following symptoms and effects on the person: 
-person gets irritated and angry and has severe mood swings
-mood is often dull and looks tired 
-sleep is not proper despite disciplined routine 
-instances where one suspects persons for madness 
-has deteriorating health   
-dreams of falling from heights 
-person sees creatures haunting him in dreams 
-sudden decline in earnings 
-extreme aversion to religion and Allah 
-lewd dreams
-can’t focus on education 
-has irregular sleep patterns 
-cannot remember things 
-has reaction when listening to Quran 

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