Quran Dua for protection from hell fire (jahannam)

There are a number of Duas Allah has taught us and these not only relate to our akhirah, but also to worldly affairs. One such amazing dua I am going to share with you is a much-have prayer in your daily recitations and duas that you typically do after every salah or on other occasions.

Please recite this precise and beautiful Dua from Quran and seek Allah's mercy and forgiveness so He will save us from hellfire (jahannam).

Translation: "Our Lord ! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire" (Surah Al Baqarah, verse number 201)

English transliteration: "Rabbana Atina fid-dunya hasanah Wa fil akhirati hasanah waqina azaban naar"

People usually make dua regarding their worldly affairs, which of course Allah wants us to do as He says in Quran: "O mankind! It is you who stand in need of Allah, whereas, He alone is self-sufficient" (Surah Al Fatir 35:15)

However, the dua mentioned above covers both aspects of human life - world and life after death.

If you don't know Arabic or not your first language, you may find it a bit hard to create the feeling. Instead of just verbally reciting without thinking what this Quran dua is all about, dwell on the meaning and questions like why is it important to seek Allah's forgiveness and help to protect ourselves from hell fire (jahannam).

Understanding the meaning of the Dua is very important as we cannot make the most of Quran unless we know the meaning so it will help us answer some fundamental questions like why humans are created and if so what's the purpose. Raising simple questions and letting your mind find answers to them with all sincerity is the key to getting Allah's mercy.

I recommend that you don't set a certain number of times that you should recite this dua as stressed before that empty verbal recitation is not going to make much impact. Instead, set a timer (say 5 minutes) and let your mind first raise questions like why is it important for you to make this dua. Asking yourself sincere questions is the key to getting the right answers and information from Allah.  
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