Dua for protection from grave punishment (azab e qabr)

Dua for protection from grave punishment (azab e qabr): Grave punishment (azab e qabr) is often mentioned in Ahadith and it is important for all Muslims to pay attention to the instructions and guidelines that these Ahadith outline so that we can protect ourselves from grave punishment and pain.

Qabar Dua in Arabic with English translation and tralisteratio: This Dua (from hadith - Sahih Bukhari 1/202) has been shortened to make it easier for you to learn it and memorise as the remaining part of the Dua is related to protection from Dajjal (False Masih), and trials of life. So this part focuses on what you are looking for.

Translation: "O Allah ! I seek refuge in You from the punishment of the grave"

Transliteration: Allahumma inni auzubika min azaabil qabr

Many people get into unnecessary arguments over why grave punishment is not mentioned in Quran. They try to undermine Ahadith thinking if something not mentioned in Quran should not be taken seriously, however, Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him has warned us of grave punishment and told us a very beautiful dua to save us from the torment and suffering. 
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