Surah Falaq English Transliteration

Surah Falaq deals with problems concerning our worldly problems and ills that may come in the form of physical and spiritual harm at the hands of creation (humans, shaita, djinns, black magic, animals and unwanted events).

Read English transliteration:

"Qul azuzu be rab-bil falaq
Min shar-ri maa khalaq
Wa min shar-ri ghaasiqin iza waqab
Wa min shar-rin naf-faasaati fil uqad
Wa min shar-ri haasidin izaa hasad"

Surah Falaq is a powerful solution at your disposal when it comes to dealing with evil eye and black magic problem. If you recite it on a regular basis, you will gradually gain a sea blessings hidden in this beautiful Surah and its benefits will be beyond imagination (not just physical healing, but also spiritual uplift).

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