Surah Naas English Transliteration

Surah Naas English Transliteration:  Surah Naas is the last Surah of Quran (114th) and it is very important for every Muslim to memorise. When it comes to solving worldly problems, Surah Naas is the best as it also works as a Ruqya as Allah instructed Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him to recite its verses when Kuffar cast a magic spell on Him (Peace Be Upon Him).

"Qul auzu be rabbin naas
malikin naas
Min shar-ril waswaasil khannas
Al-lazi yuwas-visu fee sudoorin-naas
Minal jinnati wann-naas"

Please note that I have attempted to use the easiest possible word structure in this English transliteration so you will have no difficulty reading them and the idea is that it should sound exactly the same as the original tajweed and makhaarij.

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