Dua for making a mistake

Everybody makes mistakes and it is part of human life. We make mistakes all the time and sometimes we don't even know where, how and when we made a mistake. Allah is all knowing and He records every deed we do, so we have to be sure we are not angering Allah in any way, shape or form. This beautiful dua will help you turn to Allah and seek his forgiveness after you have made a mistake or even a big blunder.
Dua for making a mistake in Islam, Quran
English transliteration of Islamic Dua for sins: 
1) Astaghfirullah-allazi Laa Ilaaha Illa Hua-al-Hayy-ul-Qayyoomu Wa-Atoobu Ilaih.
2) Astaghfirullaha-rabbi Min Kulli Zammbin-Wa-Atoobu Ilaih

How to make this dua?
1) Right after every Salah (prayer). Make it part of your daily duas.
2) Choose any time of the day. Sit in a calm place or room. Close your eyes and think how sorry you are for making that mistake. Recite this dua once. Think again how afraid you are of Allah's anger for making this mistake. Recite the dua again. Repeat this practise for at least five minutes.

3) Give intense gratitude (shukar) to Allah for finding this Dua. Give shukar to Allah by saying "Alhamdulillah" that He didn't punish you for making that mistake. Say Alhamdulillah to Allah for granting you a chance to seek His forgiveness (What can we do if Allah doesn't even allow us to seek His forgiveness).

Giving Thanks to Allah is very important. It will indicate that Allah has forgiven us.
Reciting this dua without paying attention to the meaning message will not do much as Allah wants total commitment from us.  
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