Dua for skin allergy

Dua for skin allergy: Skin allergy problem can be fixed with this beautiful dua from Quran. No matter how much worse your skin allergy has become, you can still get the problem cured with Allah's mercy and power.
Recite the verses mentioned below and do damm (blow) on the allergic areas of the skin. Also, blow on water and give the patient to drink as much as they can (make it part of your regular water-drink by containing it in a large can or bottle).
Islamic Dua for skin allergy

I have added an English transliteration for those who don't know how to read Arabic text.
Islamic Quranic Dua for skin and face allergy: This Islamic treatment for skin allergy has been practised by so many people and Alhamdulillah they get miraculous results thnaks to Allah's mercy. 
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  1. I did it but what if you blow on your hands and then touch your area of allergic reaction