Dua for all types of allergies/allergy in Islam (Quran)

Dua for cure from allergies in Islam: Are you having allergies and trying to find the best dua from Quran to treat it? If so, these ayat e shifa from Quran verses are the answer to allergy. 
Islamic Dua for cure, treatment of allergies, allergy

1) Dua for skin allergy
2) Dua for eye allergy
3) Dua for Hayfever

Allergic diseases are troublesome and they are hard to go away if you don't cure them on the right time. These duas for allergies will definitely fix your problem Inshahallah. We will be covering all kinds of allergies people suffer and most of the common ones have already been covered. The idea is to provide a clear, easy-to-practice method to those looking for treatment for their particular allergy problem. Be it allergy of any type, this ayat e shifa for allergies is the best Islamic cure/treatment you have ever applied.
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