Dua for bipolar disorder

Dua for bipolar disorder in Islam: Bipolar disorder can be extremely troublesome for a person and the fact is medications and conventional treatment help to a certain extent.
How to make dua?
Recite ayat e shifa dua mentioned below and blow (do damm) on the patient every single time. You can also blow on water and give the patient to drink. (English transliteration is added below).
Dua for bipolar disorder cure and treatment in Islam and from Quran

Dua for bipolar disorder treatment from Quran: What you need is a powerful spiritual connection to Allah that will end your bipolar disorder problem with this beautiful dua Inshaallah.
Spiritual healing from Quran and Islam is much more beneficial, provided you are praying to Allah with one hundred percent faith and you are consistent. Fear, worry and doubt should have no place if you want one hundred percent cure.
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