Dua for skin glow, shiny face

Skin glow is something just about every woman and girl longs for and I tell you this is not hard at all to get a glowing skin. I will tell you the right Dua technique that will attract Allah's mercy and power for you you. You will definitely get a skin glow you love InshaAllah.
Dua for skin glow

Step 1) Sit in a quite room.
Step 2) Recite this Dua 100 times.

Step 3) Assume Allah has given you skin glow and recite Surah Fatiha three times as a big thanks (shukar) to Allah. 

Practice this Dua after every Fajr and Asr Salah for 21 days. Follow all the three steps strictly. The step three is the most important.

If practised with one hundred percent faith, this Dua method will get you a skin glow in 21 days Inshallah (Allah is capable of creating everything for you). 
You don't have to worry about what skin specialists say. You don't even have to apply a cream, medicine, or any kind of lotion. Just recite this Dua and keep giving thanks to Allah by reciting Surah Fatihah. Dua for skin glow: If you follow the steps you will be amazed how your skin has been given a completely new look. These beauty tips work. Every single cell circulating under your skin will start acting according to Allah's will Inshahallah.

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