Ya Muhaimin wazifa benefits (fazilat)

Ya Muhaimin wazifa and its benefits (fazilat): The meaning of Al muhaimin is The Protector or in Urdu "Nigehbaan" (The One who protects all). If you haven't tried this wazifa and don't have any idea what benefits (fazilat) it can bring you, you should invest some time practising this beautiful wazifa on a regular basis.
The reciter of Ya Muhaimin will be free from worldly worries and Allah will open their heart.
Ya Muhaimin wazifa benefits fazilat meaning
There are many benefits of Ya Muhaimin wazifa and some of the them have been mentioned in the post. Worldly problems come in different forms and they are a test for us. If we turn to Allah and ask Him for His help using specific names (attributes), we manage to send a clear desire to Allah and this is what puts everything in perspective. If someone recites Ya Muhaimin during travelling and journey, they will reach their destination safe and sound Inshaallah. 
The meaning of Al Muhaimin: The Protector
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