Ya Azizu wazifa benefits (fazilat)

Ya Azizu (Azizo) wazifa benefits and fazilat:  This wazifa is very powerful when it comes to gaining the upper hand over things and a direct relationship with Allah. I have used Ya Azizu in my prayers and duas for many months and I have seen how it transforms our life as far as respect and dignity is concerned.
Ya Azizu wazifa benefits and fazilat
This wazifa gives relief when we are feeling down and especially negative treatment at the hands of others will stop. I have always recommended reciting Asma ul Husna wazaif in our after-salah-prayers (duas) as talking to Allah using His glorious names puts us in perspective.
Meaning of Ya Azizu in English: The Mighty
Meaning of Ya Azizo in Urdu: Izzat o Iqtadaar Wala
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