Friday, June 24, 2016

Surah Al Takathur (Takasur) benefits and fazilat

I am going to share benefits of reciting Surah Al Takathur or Takasur today as our benefit series has now reached more than 2 dozens Surahs. Surah Al Takathur is part of the last chapter of the Holy Quran.
Key benefits: 
1. Protection from hellfire and rewards on the Judgement Day (Qayamah)
2. Reciting Surah Takathur (Al Takasur) 170 times after Isha prayer for 17 days straight can help get rid of debts and loans.
3. Regular recitation of this Surah eliminates greed and increase love for Allah.
Surah Al Takathur (Takasur) benefits and fazilat
Surah Al Takasur Urdu
Surahs of Quran are for our guidance and we should not just recite with empty words, but dwell on what Allah has commanded and what He wants from us. As for benefits in this world, I have seen Surah Al Takathur do wonders if recited on regular basis.

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