Friday, June 24, 2016

Surah Al Asr benefits and fazilat

Surah Al Asr is one of the most popular Surahs of Al Quran as just about every Muslim reads it i their daily prayers (salah). So, I am sure this is going to be easy for you people to make it part of your daily recitation. Here are the key benefits (fazilat) of Surah Al Asr:
* Surah Al Asr is best for increasing love and harmony between two people (husband and wife and any other mahram relation). (Please don't use it for purposes outside the boundaries of Islam, like love affairs as these things have no permission in Islam).
* Surah Al Asr increases patience and steadfastness.
Surah Al Asr benefits and fazilat
Surah Al Asr Urdu
One thing that I have been stressing for a long time now: don't treat Surahs of Quran as a magic pill that is used to give you quick results, like a medicine. Words have power, no doubt, but empty words (like chanting a spell) is not good as I personally think it doesn't increase our faith. Understanding the words and then contemplating on them while reciting at the same time is the permanent solution to all our problems in the world and akhirah.

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