Thursday, June 23, 2016

Surah Al Qariah benefits (fazilat)

There are many benefits of Surah Al Qariah and I am going to share a couple of them in detail here. You might have recited this Surah many times, but if you are not well versed in Arabic text, I might add transliteration on request.
Key benefits (fazilat): 
1. The reciter of Surah Al Qariah will be steadfast and their faith (eman) in Allah will continue to grow stronger. An easy way to do it is to recite the Surah eleven times before going to sleep every night.
2. If someone is faced with a challenging and difficult task, recite Surah Al Qariah 180 times on one sitting.
Surah Al Qariah benefits fazilat
Surah Al Qariah Urdu
Increasing our faith in Allah is the most important thing to do, if we want to get maximum blessings from our Creator. Reciting the Surah with empty words won't do any good as Allah wants us to ponder over the meanings and dwell on what is being said by Allah in His glorious book. 


  1. Surah Al Qariah
    Is there any source of these Faziel mentionedan where in the hadieth ? 11 times or 80 times ! is there any proof about the numbers of time recommended by our beloved Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him*

    1. No, the number of recitation mentioned in most of the wazaifs/fazail are not mentioned in Hadiths. The numbers are just there to make sure your mind remains focused on "remembrance of Allah" or on whatever your prayer, for a certain period of time or for a certain number of recitation. Most of the wazaifs are based on personal experience of people/spiritual practitioners/scholars. Yes, there are certain ahadiths that do instruct Muslims to recite Azkaar for certain number of times.