Thursday, June 23, 2016

Surah Al Adiyat benefits (fazilat)

Assalamoalaikum brothers and sisters ! Today i am going to share Surah Al Adiyat benefits for those of you who want to improve their lives both for this world and for aakhirah (life after death).
Key benefits (fazail):
* Surah Al Adiyat is best for eliminating evil eye. To get help from Allah in this regard: Recite the Surah 41 times, blow on a glass of water and give the affected (nazr e badd) child to drink. Repeat the process for three days straight
Surah Al Adiyat benefits fazail fazilat
Surah Al Adiyat Urdu
Another key benefit (fazilat) of reciting Surah Al Adiyat is relief from paying off loans and debt (qarz). In order to get the benefit, recite the Surah a 100 times for seven days straight. InshaAllah the burden of debt will go.

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