Thursday, June 23, 2016

Surah Zilzal benefits (fazilat)

I have seen the power of Surah Zilzal as it has a number of benefits that one should make the most of. Surah Zilzal is easy to recite and I also plan to add English transliteration of the Surah in coming posts.
Key benefits (fazilat):
1. Surah Zilzal recitation increases fear of Allah and strengthens faith in His absolute power.
2. This Surah is best for getting rid of demons, djinns that have captured a place (home, workplace, etc). 
Surah Zilzal benefits fazilat
Surah Zilzal Urdu
There is a huge benefit (fazilat) of reciting Surah Zilzal at night as according to Hadith (from Durr e Manshour), the recite will get a Ajr (reward, sawab) as if they have recite half of Quran. 

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